The Mid-Market Maze: Tech, Remote Work, ESG & the AI Revolution

In the face of rapid technology innovation, the dynamic shift towards remote working, burgeoning ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, and the sweeping influence of AI, mid-market businesses find themselves at the crossroads of change. While large enterprises might have the resources to smoothly transition and startups may be nimble enough to pivot, mid-market businesses […]

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Navigating Corporate Culture with Appspace in a Post-Pandemic World

As businesses across the globe continue to adapt and evolve in a post-pandemic environment, one of the key challenges that stand at the forefront is maintaining a strong corporate culture. A resilient, shared culture has long been a driving force behind successful organizations. However, the shift towards a decentralized workforce and remote working models during […]

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The Resonance of Independence Day in the Spirit of StarSevenSix

July Fourth – a day etched into the heart of America and the essence of “StarSevenSix”. As the United States celebrates the day of its birth and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the significance of the name StarSevenSix. This name isn’t a random assortment of words […]

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