Pushing boundaries. Leading innovation.

Eric Hoffmann

Co-Founder, CEO

A seasoned and results-driven Chief Executive Officer with an extensive leadership background in the technology sector, with over twenty-six years of professional experience. Steering the ship at StarSevenSix, Eric is unwavering in his commitment to innovation and making a positive impact. His guiding principle, “Find your passion and help others!” reflects not just a saying but an entrenched belief system that fuels his dedication to addressing social, business, and technical challenges through cutting-edge solutions.

Bryan Barlow

Co-Founder, COO & CFO

A distinguished and results driven Chief Operations Officer, IT Executive and Business Owner with over 25 years of extensive experience in IT Consulting and Business Management. Known for his exceptional ability in corporate turnarounds, Bryan’s expertise in data analysis and strategic application has been pivotal in shaping business strategies and tactics. Beyond his professional acumen, he is celebrated for his exemplary work ethic, communication skills, and a culture of respect and admiration among colleagues.

Brian Davis

Chief Technology Officer

Chuck Dyer

Vice President, Strategy

Kevin Gadd

Vice President, Service Delivery

Jeff Tudas

Vice President, Client Success

Halden Studlien

Vice President, Talent Acquisition

Chris Thiel

Director, Client Engagement

Quenton Whitcomb

Director, Finance

Jan Cook

Director, Human Resources

Brita Reitz

Director, Employee Engagement