InvestTech Advisory Services

Three-pronged partnership for VC and PE firms

StarSevenSix recognizes the growing complexity of the technology landscape and the demands it places on Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) firms. To stay ahead, these firms must rigorously evaluate, invest in, and nurture technology-driven ventures. This is where our specialized service offering comes in.

By integrating these services into the investment lifecycle, StarSevenSix can enhance decision-making, mitigate risk, and drive success for VC and PE firms.

Technology Vetting


Deploy our technical subject matter experts to analyze and validate potential investments, ensuring that the technology is genuine, innovative, and offers value commensurate with the investment.

Assessment: Evaluate the technological foundations, scalability, intellectual property, and innovation of potential investment opportunities.

Validation: Confirm the genuineness and potential of the technology through rigorous examination.

Report & Recommendations: Provide clear insights and actionable recommendations for investment or reconsideration.

Due Diligence Advisory


Provide comprehensive advisory services during the due diligence phase, focusing on technological aspects to ensure thorough scrutiny, risk mitigation, and alignment with strategic goals.

Technical Auditing: Detailed examination of technological infrastructure, code, security, compliance, and more.

Risk Analysis: Identify potential risks and challenges tied to technology.

Strategic Alignment: Evaluate how the technology aligns with broader business and market trends.

Action Plan: Develop a customized roadmap to guide future collaboration, investment, or reorientation.

Technology Partnership


We serve as your ongoing technology partner, working closely with portfolio companies and their founders to guarantee technology milestones are met, and future investment rounds or divestiture are well-positioned.

Milestone Tracking: Regular assessments to ensure that technology milestones align with the expectations of VC or PE firms.

Collaborative Development: Work closely with founders to provide strategic guidance and practical support in technology development.

Investment Facilitation: Assist in preparing the technology aspect of portfolio companies for future investment rounds or divestiture.

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