Extensive knowledge and first-hand experience

StarSevenSix is a technology company that innovates.

We offer a broad range of services tailored to our clients’ specific needs, solving business, social and technical problems.

Our modern technology and consultative services focus on the integration of organizational enhancements, operational efficiencies, business benefits and integration.

We work closely with our clients’ businesses to understand their technical and organizational needs, ensuring that we provide the right expertise to help them succeed.

Our name

StarSevenSix is a written form of our American flag: 50 stars, 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes… representing integrity and unity

Image of four black stars and six horizontal stripes

Our nation was founded
in the year 1776

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Our team provides revolutionary and innovative ideas—and we help our clients with new beginnings

Our employees are stellar talent who deliver quality solutions and services to our clients

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Our history

Started in 1999 as Elite
Software & Services Corp
(Delden Fane)


Acquired by CareWorks in 1999; rebranded as CareWorks Tech


Acquired by York Risk
Insurance in 2014


Acquired by Sedgwick in September 2019; rebranded as Sedgwick Technology Solutions in 2020


Sedgwick Technology Solutions is divested in May 2022; StarSevenSix is established by Bryan Barlow and Eric Hoffmann


Our numbers


Started as
Elite Software & Services Corp


Star Talent employees worldwide


Satisfied Customers