Virtual Onshore Development Team (VODT)™

Optimized flexibility, increased velocity

The Star Seven Six Virtual Onshore Development Team (VODT)™ provides flexibility and increased velocity for deliverables, as well as ongoing consistent support for the ebb and flow of technical and business needs.
We focus on the appropriate services (best practices) that aligns with your business and technical needs. The scope of services and size of teams will be related to understanding your short-term and long-term objectives.
Ideal clients include those who would like to engage in application development services that will help with design, development, integration, testing and support for application products, as well as enterprise applications.
Star Seven Six professionals engage with your IT Department and key business stakeholders to provide optimal service. Your point of contact will be a Delivery Director who will oversee the VODT™ assigned.
Our Lead Developers will engage daily in guiding Developers and Developer/QA resources, and engage in hands-on delivery work to complete project tasks and achieve stated goals.
The Star Seven Six VODT™ Approach includes best practices in project delivery methods.
Once the Inception Stage is complete, an active engagement of StarSevenSix VODT™ professionals will begin in Stage Two: Commencement. StarSevenSix will begin working with the Client based upon what was defined during the Inception Stage.