Microsoft 365 + CoPilot

Transforming the way you work, with seamless integration and advanced intelligence.

Crafting success in the age of AI and tech advancement.

As we enter a new era of computing, driven by the growing importance of data for business intelligence, the landscape of technology is evolving rapidly. This transformation is accelerated by the integration of AI into an increasing number of connected devices, heralding a rate of change unparalleled in our history. In this dynamic environment, it’s crucial to have a technology partner at the cutting edge of this evolution, one who not only embraces innovation but also makes it both accessible and beneficial.

StarSevenSix and Microsoft stand united in this endeavor, committed to working together at every level to offer our customers a partner who is not just creative and collaborative, but also deeply committed to progress. With our joint dedication to harnessing technology for positive impact, we are here to assist your business in discovering and realizing new opportunities.

Microsoft 365 + CoPilot

StarSevenSix groups key applications and capabilities into packages that can scale with you as your needs change.

Endpoint Management

Empower your team with Agent Workspace, designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. Streamline workflows and enhance productivity, allowing agents to manage tasks effectively with a comprehensive, unified interface.

Identity and Access

Simplify complex cases with intuitive Case Management module. Experience seamless integration of information and resources, ensuring every case is handled with precision and speed.

Workplace Productivity

Transform your operations with Automated Business Processes. Streamline routine tasks, reduce errors, and free up valuable time for strategic work, ensuring a more efficient, cost-effective business model.

Hybrid Cloud

The Self Service Portal puts control in your customers’ hands, offering them instant access to services and information. This user-friendly platform enhances customer satisfaction by providing quick solutions and reducing the need for direct support.

Choose the plan that’s right for your business.

Additional details about each level are provided below.

  • A tailored case management form ensuring focused and frictionless resolution to your customer’s needs, contributing to streamlined operations, increased customer satisfaction and retention.  Our solution supports case creation, triage, communication, and resolution with optimized case handling workflows.


  • Personalized and optimized agent experience with your company’s branding.


  • Effortlessly manage your business and consumer relationships.


  • Dual-purpose knowledge base for both internal guidance external customer support, providing a rich resource of information and solutions.


  • Gain actionable insights with three detailed operational reports, offering critical data analysis to guide business decisions and strategies.


  • Automate your case management process with the ability to create cases directly from emails, increasing responsiveness and operational efficiency.


  • Keep stakeholders and customers informed with branded case notifications, fostering clear communication, and reinforcing your professional image.


  • Capture customer feedback directly through integrated CSAT surveys, providing valuable insights for service improvement and customer satisfaction.


  • Empower your customer service team with the capability to generate their own operational reports, offering them greater control and transparency over their service interactions.

Includes everything in the Starter plan, plus: ​


  • Broaden your customer service scope with four additional case management forms and workflows, allowing for greater specialization and tailored responses to your diverse range of services.  Ensure critical issues receive prompt attention with our escalation feature, designed to quickly elevate high-priority cases for immediate resolution.


  • Expand your communication capabilities with additional branded case notifications, ensuring timely updates and consistent branding across all customer interactions.


  • Enhance efficiency with advanced work assignment for optimal distribution of service delivery tasks and streamlined case handling.


  • Provide customers with an intuitive and user-friendly user portal offering them a convenient on-stop solution for support requests, information access, and service tracking.


  • Gain deeper insights and enhanced visibility with a customized operational dashboard.  Stay informed with regular case digests, summarizing case statuses, and updates, enabling better oversight and management of ongoing issues.

Includes everything in the Starter and Plus plans, plus:


  • Elevate your customer service with a state-of-the-art virtual agent/chat bot, providing instance, automated support to customers, reducing wait times and improving overall service efficiency.


  • Streamline case resolution with customized case playbooks, offering structured, step-by-step guides for handling various complex service issues.


  • Effectively tackle significant challenges with our major issue management feature, designed to handle complex, high-impact cases with expert precision and strategic oversight.


  • We empower your customer service team with the capability to update the chat bot conversational experience for your customers.