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The Creative Department’s Production Assistant will be working closely with the Production Manager to collaborate with design managers, designers, copywriters in developing promotional collateral, and exhibit graphics. This is done by setting up projects for work, aiding in obtaining assets for designers and copywriters, and ensuring finished work is stored for future use.
Within the larger company the Production Assistant will assist the Production Manager with organizing packaging work for both the Creative and Field Design & Production departments. This requires collaborating with Marketing, Manufacturing, Ops, Sales, and Inventory departments.

Collateral Responsibilities
• Set up project numbers in the marketing production database, Basecamp and sever folders for new and revised collateral work.
• Communicate specs for print ads, exhibit graphics, various other collateral and premiums.
• Find previous work, or order from Archives reference materials the design leads, copywriters, and designers can use.
• Request and get approval of estimates from Manufacturing
• Request bind order numbers of Inventory. Once promotional job numbers are entered into the system generate bind order numbers so material can be received into the company’s warehouses.
• Make and release press ready PDFs and book maps to assigned printers, and then route the prepress proofs. Either get revised PDFs or approvals to Manufacturing
• Send distribution instructions to Manufacturing, as well as any drop shipments.
• Any drop shipment instructions are to be collected, distributed to Manufacturing. Tracking numbers for drop shipments are to be communicated to recipients.
• Keep jobs’ status up to date in the database, Basecamp, and Smartsheet.
• Make sure finished work is the server’s job folder.
Packaging Responsibilities
• The department’s point person for the production and manufacturing of packaging projects.
• Set up project numbers in the marketing production database, Basecamp and sever folders for new and revised collateral work.
• Find or order reference materials for Creative Marketing.
• Assist Marketing and Sales with basic packaging choices, and rough estimated costs during early planning meetings.
• Once package part numbers are assigned, communicate them to Creative Marketing in Basecamp. Place all numbers in the marketing production database for possible future work, and to aid Archives when referencing work.
• Once page counts and the build of materials are communicated, hold a package bulking meeting to ensure the materials going into the package will fit.
• Communicate specs for packaging and collateral to Manufacturing.
• Approve FPAs.
• Prepare final files to make press-ready PDFs. If needed, make book maps for release to assigned printer(s). Release PDFs.
• Route prepress proofs in Basecamp for approvals from Creative, Ops, and Marketing. Communicate status with Manufacturing.
• Keep jobs’ status up to date during development and resolution in the database, Basecamp, Smartsheet, and with the PMO in charge of the overall project.
• Store finished work in the server’s job folder.
Reprint Responsibilities
• Requests for revisions to existing packaging collateral are communicated to the Production Manager.
• Set up project number in the marketing production database, Basecamp and sever folder for work.
• Ascertain whether the changes are minor enough to be done without assistance of a designer or copywriter.
• Significant design and/or copy changes require the job’s portfolio design lead be informed so resources can be assigned to make the changes.
• Once changes are made, route work for approval of Marketing.
• Once approved, make and release press-ready PDFs back to Reprints.
Exhibit Responsibilities
• Sets up project numbers, communicates specs, find previous examples of work done for the specific booth graphics. Copy exhibit graphic templates to the server’s job reference folder for use by creative design.
• Communicate with the company’s premium vendor for any give-aways being used at exhibits.
• Once a premium is approved for use, set up the job in Ariba and communicate the PR and AR numbers to the vendor so the job can be billed.
• Ascertain when the vendor is shipping the booth to the exhibit site, when exhibit booth files must be released, and communicate those dates to Creative’s design lead, copywriters, and designers.
• Make press-ready PDFs and release for printing.
• If using the McGraw Hill Copy Center, use their online ordering form to get collateral manufacturing.
• Route prepress PDFs, and re-release revisions to those PDFs, or communicate approval.
• Communicate the distribution instructions to the premium vendor, copy center, or Manufacturing.
• For any collateral shipping to the exhibit vendor for inclusion with the booth shipment, or to another site at the exhibit site, get the shipping tracking number and then sent that out to all relevant parties.
Miscellaneous Responsibilities
• Transfer Creative Marketing’s collateral to FD&P for their fulfillment of Sales needs.
• Find inventory quantity levels in Oracle when requested.
Keep the packaging catalog up to date for use in future packaging decisions

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